An online reputation is an essential marketing tool for any modern brand, including personal brands. This includes websites, reviews, social media, and more. But in a digital world where anyone can post anything to the internet, controlling what your customers and peers see about your brand can be a complicated task.

Deimira Paa Baidoo, an online reputation manager and marketing consultant, explains how you can implement SEO to boost the content you control and minimize the content you cannot.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of using different techniques to naturally appeal to search engines like Google and…

You have made the choice to install solar on your home. Whether it is the energy savings, the appeal of a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or a strategy to increase your home’s value, solar paneling is a good choice for residential. Now make sure you are contracting with the right company to install your solar panels.

Deimira Paa Baidoo is a solar panel installer in Calgary, Canada. With many years of experience in solar energy and green home development, he has worked with many homeowners in the process of going solar. …

Content is more than just the words on a website (although those are important). Multimedia — images, videos, and lists — are also forms of content. Like text, multimedia content can be an important component of your website and contribute to SEO.

Multimedia can correlate to a higher quality page for search engines. Using two or more forms of multimedia makes it more likely that others will link to your site as well, giving you those important backlinks that boost your page authority. In order to be successful with multimedia, make sure you are using it correctly.

List Content

A list on…

We often talk about the importance of your business’s blog here on Medium. These are essential for improving your SEO. But if you have a blog, you regularly post to it, and you make sure that each post provides some important answers potential customers might like to see, what more can you do to optimize your website for search engines?

There are a few areas to focus when writing each blog post to make them even more attractive for SEO. …

Running a business in 2020 posed some unique challenges. The pandemic changed the way companies interact with their customers and manage their operations. From the large corporations to the small, single person businesses, nearly everyone saw a change in their plans — and marketing was no exception.

If you had a strong marketing plan in place as you headed into 2020, it likely looked different by the end of the year. The changes may have brought successes or caused missed opportunities. …

Typically, when experts provide tips for making your home energy efficient, common suggestions are installing solar panels, replacing old windows with dual pane glass, and upgrading older appliances that consume more energy than today’s efficient ones. These suggestions will all improve the energy consumption in your home, but at a cost.

The initial investment for these steps can be expensive, and not a possibility for some homeowners at this time. There are, however, several more affordable things you can do that will make your home more eco-friendly and provide savings in energy bills.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption with These Steps

These 8 tips provide quick ways you…

To say online marketing has changed over the past 5 years would be an understatement.

There was a time when the simplest and most effective way to market yourself online was to write a 400 word post that repeated the same exact phrase, like “green custom home builder” and, if you did it the exact right amount of times and then secured some questionable backlinks, your page would be #1 until someone else came along and did it again themselves.

None of these tactics were ever “spam,” necessarily, although some of them certainly crossed that line. But what they had…

Deimira Paa Baidoo

Deimira Paa Baidoo is a marketer and custom home builder in Calgary. His companies include Melcom Homes and Melcom Group.

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